Thursday, 27 April 2017

Campbell Hausfeld PW182501AV Electric Pressure Washer, 1900 PSI – What to Know Before Buying

If you avoid calling a professional cleaning service too often only because it feels expensive, perhaps you should know that you can find their tools in any random store as well. Basically, the market has been invaded by both amateur and professional pressure washers. They do not require any experience, but just a little attention. What kind of attention? Easy! I bought my first pressure washer with the general idea to save some money, so I got one of the cheapest units. It broke down in less than four months – terrible investment. That was when I realized that I had to put more attention into these things.

My next (and last) pressure washer is different. I came up with a list of top 10 manufacturers and chose the most cost efficient one. Given the diversified products and high ratings, I picked Campbell Hausfels to “clean” my home. From all those products, Campbell Hausfeld PW182501AV Electric Pressure Washer, 1900 PSI drew my attention with its positive rates. I knew I made the perfect choice as soon as I received this washer. It is intuitive and easy to use, but it also starts fast and provides an exquisite power for an electric unit. Now, what else should you know about it?

  • Quite powerful for its electric profile
  • Comes with a turbo wand
  • Trigger turns off by itself if it is not connected to the pump
  • Lightweight and easy to move around or even taken upstairs
  • Adjustable spray nozzle for multiple operations

  • Cannot be used in remote areas with no electricity plugs nearby
  • Not as powerful as a gas powered pressure washer

Campbell Hausfeld PW182501AV Electric Pressure Washer Power and Safety
Campbell Hausfelds pressure washer is surprisingly powerful for an electric appliance. Results will amaze you, whether you want to clean the sidewalk, parking spot, sidings or even windows. Of course, it does not mean that you have to exaggerate. Start with a low pressure and go up gradually. You risk damaging surfaces or breaking windows if you apply a high pressure. Despite the extra power, this pressure washer is also built with your budget in mind. When using the turbo wand, you might save around 80% from relying on a classic garden hose. Savings will not surprise you right away, but they add up in the long run.

Safety is a pretty important consideration to those who are new to pressure washers. Luckily, there is nothing to worry about. Even if you are not sure how to use it, it will not harm you out of nowhere. The trigger makes it obvious – this thing is for both newbies and less attentive people. If the unit is not connected to the pump, the trigger goes off by itself. As if all these were not enough, the spray gun is quite long. Therefore, you are not forced to keep your hands close to the dangerous pressure spot. There is simply no way to get injured while using this pressure washer.